If you’ve been a Cooper Kupp denier over the last year, boy don’t you feel stupid.

Tonight in their matchup against the Seattle Seahawks, Kupp went out and chose violence. Violence in the form of catching an absurd amount of footballs for a solid chunk of yards.

Tonight Kupp recorded an NFL record of 10 consecutive games of 90+ receiving yards. Which in a sense, makes him unfuckwithable. It’s honestly crazy to think the last to even get close to this was his fellow teammate Oddell Beckham Jr., and then H.O.F Michael Irvin.

Kupp has certainly been a force to reckon with as it seems that him and Matthew Stafford have quickly become a premier tandem in the NFL. Obviously with more games to be played this season we can only hope to see these steady type of performances from Kupp.

All fantasy owners of Kupp have to be walking around with their chest out and are feeling 10 feet tall. Hopefully we can see Kupp and the Rams make a final push towards the playoffs and show the world just how good that team truly is.


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