Conor McGregor wishes he was at Wrestlemania

Written by Noah Gagnon

WrestleMania was last night, and it was a completely star-studded event. It featured the Paul brothers, Stone Cold, The Miz, and more, and it appears like Conor McGregor wishes he could get in on the action.

Obviously, this is a joke and Conor has a broken leg and couldn’t possibly do any type of professional wrestling. But do they all fear him? Maybe. I mean, if it really came down to it I’d take Conor and his left hand over like 99% of the WWE.

Remember when he had that huge beef with all those guys? That was awesome. He called John Cena a “40-year old failed Mr. Olympia.” Really no coming back from that.

Realistically, I could definitely see them paying him a ton of money to come over after he’s done fighting, which could be very soon. He’ll go in there, be great on the mic, do a couple of athletic things and then disappear. Whatever happens, I’ll remember the Eddie Alvarez knockout Conor McGregor not the one-legged future WWE star Conor

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