Conor McGregor Tweet And Deletes Insult Towards Female Fan

Written by Incognito

UFC superstar Conor McGregor was analyzing UFC 264 footage of his trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier on Twitter when he got into it with a female heckler.

McGregor posted footage of his trilogy fight against Poirier (which resulted in him breaking his leg and ending the fight). McGregor provided the following analysis of the footage below:


McGregor truly believed the fight was going his way before breaking his leg. A female heckler engaged McGregor and not one to remain quiet, McGregor responded insulting the fan and telling her she had “a head shaped like a hot air balloon.” The full exchange can be found below. In true McGregor fashion, the full exchange was deleted, but not before someone took a screenshot.

McGregor is known for getting into it with hecklers on the internet. He doesn’t bite his tongue and often responds by criticizing someone’s appearance. Just last month, he told a woman she had a “dick nose” along with some other choice words.

Read that full exchange here.

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