Yes, you read that right. The same Conor McGregor that completely snapped his leg in half a few weeks ago will be competing in a charity boxing event next month. Only caveat issss… it’s a wheelchair boxing match, and he’s fighting a comedian. But hey, as long as I get to watch Conor McGregor sling left hands I’m happy.

Assuming Conor wins this one, it’s gotta feel great to get back in the win column. Who cares if it’s against a comedian, a win’s a win. Sometimes you just gotta see the ball go in the basket to put yourself back on track, and that’s what Conor’s doing in this one. It’s like betting a -800 favorite after losing 20 bets in a row, you just need to get yourself in the win column.

In seriousness though, Conor’s awesome for doing this. Most guys in his situation wouldn’t have even gotten off the couch yet, but he’s already back working out, and putting himself in the ring, albeit against a comedian, but still. He’s basically doing the maximum amount of physical activity that anyone in his situation could do at this point. Hopefully, that left-hand power translates when the guy’s in a wheelchair.

Also, I feel like I should mention that they’re raising money for the Irish Wheelchair Association. Great way to raise money for a great cause.


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