UFC superstar and former two-weight division champion, Conor McGregor, was poised to make his return to the octagon on Saturday after losing to Dustin Poirier in January via TKO. 

You couldn’t set the stage any better. Two bitter rivals facing off in the trilogy fight ready to settle the score. One man calm, cool, and composed, while the other man hurls insults and trash talks. One man the superstar ready to retake his thrown, while the other man is poised to prove to the world that the last fight wasn’t a fluke. 

McGregor and Poirier entered the octagon and the star-studded arena was buzzing with anticipation and excitement. 

McGregor started out the first round right out the gate with high pressure low kicks and spinning back kicks. Poirier landed his own kicks and combinations and looked quite confident on his feet. His combinations were landing on McGregor and he was getting the better of him on his feet. The two exchanged punches that led to McGregor pulling for a guillotine that never came to fruition. McGregor was getting handled on the ground, while throwing his own upkicks and elbows. 

The sequence of events that ended the fight was unpredictable as stated by MMAFighting, “After the fighters both threw punches, McGregor stepped backwards and his leg just completely gave out with his ankle twisting underneath him as he crumbled to the mat. It didn’t take long for referee Herb Dean to recognize that McGregor broke his leg with the ringside physician calling a stop to the contest with Poirier being declared the winner by TKO” via doctor stoppage.

McGregor’s leg looked like it had folded on itself like a wet noodle. McGregor screamed out in pain and still hurled insults at Poirier, while he sat on the canvas immobile.

Warning: the following clip and images are graphic and quite possibly disturbing. 


McGregor ended up being carried out of the arena on a stretcher while fans cheered for him. At the post-fight press conference, Dana White gave a health update on McGregor and revealed that he had shattered his tibia and not his ankle as originally reported. White also said the possibility of a forth fight was inevitable because of the way that it ended.

After all of that anticipation, it’s a hard pill to swallow to have it end like that. That’s the fight business, folks.
The internet exploded into pandemonium after the fight:



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