Conor McGregor Just Called Steve-O From Jackass A Crackhead

Written by Incognito

Trash talking UFC superstar Conor McGregor is back in action this week for UFC 264 and he’s taking no prisoners. The UFC’s official Instagram page posted a video of legendary Jackass frontman Steve-O giving his fight prediction for Saturday and McGregor didn’t take too well to his prediction.

He took a personal shot at McGregor when explaining why he chose Dustin Poirier over Conor McGregor, “Dude, Poirier all the way. I think he’s the better fighter; I think he’s the better guy and he’s my bro.”
Steve-O went on to say a few more choice words about McGregor and McGregor wasn’t having it.
Peep the clip and McGregor’s scathing reply below:

Conor’s harsh reply on Instagram:

Steve-O has yet to respond to McGregor calling him a crackhead on a public forum. It’s officially Conor McGregor fight week. Expect the unexpected, folks.

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