Conor McGregor Is “Open” To Buying A Football Club

Written by austenlange

Conor McGregor is one of the most prolific fighters of all-time. McGregor’s career has seemed to be on a downward trend these last few years so maybe he is looking to diversify his financial portfolio. McGregor took to twitter to write about his interest in Manchester United, and Celtic.

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Now, this would be really fucking cool to happen, however it seems unlikely. Both teams aren’t up for sale but McGregor has been heavily linked with Celtic owner, Dermot Desmond. McGregor has been quoted saying,

“I am certainly interested in acquiring a sports team at some stage! Both Celtic and Man United are teams I like for sure. But I am open. I feel I could do big things for a club.” This just shows him wanting to be involved, sure he listed teams but it seems as though his best options are with those two clubs.

McGregor owning a team would be electric, could even be a WWE event of sorts. McGregor could possibly revolutionize the standard for owners and make it into something new and innovative!

Just imagine him bringing this to the Front Office. E-L-E-C-T-R-I-C-I-T-Y I’m telling you. Conor McGregor in anyone’s front office automatically puts them on everyone’s, “Must-See” list. Even if the team is buttcheeks, Conor WILL be putting asses into the seats. Hopefully the soccer world realizes this and lets him be involved with an organization.

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