Conor McGregor recently lost the trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier via TKO by doctor stoppage. McGregor grotesquely broke his tibia at the end of the first round and could no longer continue with the fight. The aftermath of the fight delivered theatrics and pandemonium including McGregor snapping his leg in half, McGregor calling Poirier’s wife a hoe, Poirier’s wife flipping him the bird, Poirier mocking Conor’s walk, Rogan interviewing Conor as he laid on the canvas, etc.

Now that the dust has settled after McGregor’s surgery and he’s rehabbing his leg, he will not go silent. He refuses to accept the loss and has gone scorched earth on Twitter. He took a cheap shot at Poirier’s wife again via a retweet of a parody account. He refuted Poirier’s claims that a checked kicked resulted in him breaking his leg. He also went on to give his own fight analysis and believes his next fight will be for the belt.

‘The Notorious One’ is known for tweeting and deleting, so check out the screenshots below:

NOTE: McGregor deleted these tweets in the middle of the night.

The next 12 months are sure to be interesting as McGregor rehabs his leg and Poirier goes on to fight for the lightweight title against Charles Oliveira. Their fourth bout has already been confirmed by UFC president, Dana White, so continue to expect fireworks from McGregor. There’s one thing about McGregor that you can count on, he’s a marketing machine and knows how to sell fights; he won’t stay quiet and fade into obscurity.


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