Conor McGregor is getting aggressive ahead of UFC 264

Prior to his second fight with Dustin Poirier in January 2021, Conor McGregor took the unfamiliar approach of the nice guy. He didn’t talk trash, he wasn’t disrespecting his opponent, instead, he was donating to Dustin’s charity and giving him hugs … annndd he got knocked out. This had many fans wondering if he was gonna take a more aggressive approach leading up to the trilogy bout, and he has. Take a look.

That was some vintage McGregor stuff right there. “All I see is a corpse.” Hell yeah. Who cares that he lost the last fight, this is what we wanna see out of Conor. I don’t want him praising Dustin for his charity work, I want to hear him talk about how he’s gonna dribble his skull like a basketball.

Don’t get me wrong, the charity thing was wholesome and all that, but there were moments where I was concerned that Conor was gonna lean in and slop Dustin with a french kiss at the press conference. The guy used to throw Dolly’s at his opponent’s families, but last fight he had a borderline homosexual relationship with Poirier, so I’m pretty happy to see him talking trash again. And I didn’t think I’d let myself do this again, but his trash talk has turned me into a believer. McGregor in 1.

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