Conor McGregor crosses the line with Khabib on Twitter

Written by Noah Gagnon

In recent weeks, there’s been a lot of debate regarding if Conor McGregor is taking some of his trash talk too far. He told Dustin Poirier that he was gonna kill him, as well as called his wife a hoe, and now he’s taking shots at Khabib Numagomedov’s deceased father. Look at these deleted tweets.

Comments like this make it pretty hard to root for Conor, don’t they? When it gets this personal it’s not even fun, it just makes me uncomfortable. It would be one thing if every time McGregor crossed a line like this he went out and dominated the fight, but the two guys he does it to completely demolished him when they fought! Not only is it uncomfortable, it’s a terrible strategy.

I wonder what all the diehard Conor blowhards are gonna have to say about this one. After his antics lately, I’ve transcended into more of a casual Conor fan myself, but man does the guy have some loyal supporters. He could literally commit a triple homicide on a group of young children, and there would still be people commenting “dooble champ” when you try to criticize him. Just because he took out Eddy Alvarez doesn’t mean he gets to insult people’s dead parents, especially people who absolutely snatched his soul.

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