Conor McGregor and Khabib are Feuding Again in McGregor’s Deleted Tweet

WooHoo. The UFC’s most heated and one-sided rivalry is heating up again, this time, much like the last few times, the beef is popping off on Twitter. Check out the since deleted twitter exchange.

More bus content from Conor. Expected. But like, if you’re Khabib aren’t you kind of annoyed that you still weren’t able to shut this guy up? Like, yeah, he didn’t do anything on the bus, but he did more than enough to make up for it in the cage. Find a new angle Conor. Or better, just shut up about the Khabib stuff. Does Mcgregor make himself out to look like an ass by tweeting this stuff? Yeah. But if it means the return of trash-talking Conor, I guess I’m here for it.

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