Connor McGregor Just Got Arrested

Written by Noah Gagnon

Conor McGregor got arrested on a reckless driving charge today in West Dublin, and it resulted in him getting his Bentley seized. He got out on bail, and will probably face no punishment north of some sort of license suspension, but it’s just more bad press for this guy.

Wouldn’t it be a shame for Conor if your leg just recovered from being completely snapped in half, and then you snap it in half because you wanted to go fast in a cool car?

What do you think is more physically dangerous to Connor: Speeding so excessively that you actually get arrested for it, or just fighting Kamaru Usman. At least he wouldn’t go to jail for fighting Usman … unless there was some sort of Dolly and bus involved.

How do you think they treat him in the Dublin jail? He’s gotta be a regular in there at this point, right? They probably have a special cell for him in there and everything. The inmates most likely greet him with some sort of irish jig or poem, they’ve gotta be thrilled their boy is back! Surprise surprise mfer, the king is back!

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