Connor McGregor is A Washed Up Old Man

Written by schultzyca

Listen I love Connor McGregor as much as the next guy but its time to ride it off into the sunset my friend. He looked like an old dog that needs to be put down and that is what Dustin Poirier did. Poirier was such an inferior opponent on paper and Uncle Dana thought this was going to be a lay-up for his golden child but yikes was he wrong.

Connor did not look good at all credit Dustin Poirier though you cannot take this away from him but man did Connor look bad. I can only imagine what good old Jake Paul is tweeting about right now or making a video on but damn Connor looks washed up after that one I mean geez.

I want Connor to be done he is past his prime and it really is sad you never want to see this. It sucks athletes get old and blah blah but he just needs to ride it off into the sunset and call it quits I mean that is all that I have to say. I really cant stand Jake Paul either so this is going to be very annoying, also I feel bad for my man Robbie Fox at Barstool he literally just saw his father get knocked out and someone check on that man please?

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