Connor McGregor And MGK Get Into A Fight On The VMA Red Carpet

Connor McGregor is funny as fuck, now I have absolutely no idea what caused this but shit man. So the VMA Awards were tonight and ya know all the big stars are there including the Notorious One Connor McGregor. I’m guessing MGK was an idiot and probably talked shit about Connor in the past or something of that nature for Connor to act out this way. Now we aren’t surprised to see him act out as he does now and then, but the man has a broken ankle and was on a cane on the red carpet, he isn’t going to cause some bullshit for nothing.

You can’t tell what started this in this video but you can see it’s some fuckin ruckus. There is report that Connor actually threw a drink at MGK as well which doesn’t surprise me that boy likes to throw drinks and hands. I’m not sure how MGK reacted I do know when asked in an interview he immediately stopped the interview with his girlfriend Megan Fox saying they weren’t allowed to speak about it. That makes me want to know even more, it also leads me to assume MGK was talking shit. I’ve never really like MGK much so I wouldn’t loved to see Connors punch land and to blacken that fucks eye. I really hope MGK doesn’t try to act tough about this because he’s a bitch and would get bitched by Connor in any combat, even with Connor being injured. And Connor went out on the stage looking like a boss and that nothing happened, what a bloody fucking legend.

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