Congrats Michigan! Weed is now legal.

Written by TrevStone

Congrats Michigan! In November you voted YES for marijuana to be legal. As of right now as you’re reading this weed is now legal.

As of Thursday, December 6th the best plant on Earth is legal.

The buying or selling of weed is illegal and you won’t be able to buy it till 2020. So find a friend, or grow it.

Now we can watch Michigan lose a big game and well… laugh it off.

Lions fan’s will not nearly have to suffer anymore.

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The game go bad? Of course, its the Lions…. Smoke it off. Relax. Don’t drink, you’ll get more mad. Trust me. Smoke it off. Sit in the couch. Eat some chips. And watch the 4pm game. I promise you, you won’t care as much when Stafford throws another interception or Jim Bob Cooter calls a screen play on third down.

Not from Michigan? Come to the Yoop. Go enjoy our lakes stoned in the summer. You’ll love it. But there’s no sports up here, if you’re looking for sports go to Detroit.

Stay high my friends.

Congrats Michigan.

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