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CONFIRMED: Odell Beckham Jr. Has Torn His ACL During The Super Bowl

Written by Jonathan Garner

Rams WR, Odell Beckham Jr. (aka the man who won a lot of people money with the first score of the Super Bowl) went down with what looked to be an ugly injury during the second quarter of the Super Bowl. It was a non contact injury so usually that means something severe has happened. We now know that it was his ACL. It is a real shame because not only was he having a stellar game, but he is also expecting a new child to be delivered in the next coming days. So now for the first few months of his child’s life, he won’t be able to be a fully healthy dad. Any injury that happens sucks and you don’t want to see anyone go through the pain and recovery process that it will take to come back from a torn ACL.

Yes you saw that right, 56 people have now torn their ACL during the Super Bowl! The talks about changing from artificial turf to real grass is now becoming a big deal. Players from all over the country are talking about it and bringing light into the conversation after what happened to Odell. It is true though that most of these injuries do occur on turf which is what a lot of stadiums are using nowadays. Sports is more than just sports, it’s a business as well, and these players do not want to play on something that can risk their whole career.

Here you can see Nick Chubb talking about how he wants the change to happen
Stars Deebo Samuel and Nick Bosa also want to make the change to real grass

Hopefully we will get more news about the whole situation as time grows on, until then we will sit back and pray for OBJ to have a quick and easy recovery.

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