Confidence is Key: Joey Slye

Written by Matt

Joey Slye thought Ron Rivera trusted him so much, Riverboat would take a 5 yard delay of game on purpose and still let him try and boot one. What an idiot!

Washington had a 4th & 11, would have been a 55 yarder at the time. Washington’s offense rushed back on the field to try and fool the Panthers defense into thinking they were running a play to convert. However, they were trying to get the Panthers caught in a penalty. Heinicke ends up taking a delay of game.

Now, Joey Slye. Before the mentioned delay of game, Big Guns Joey is seen with his unit running onto the field for a field goal attempt. While, at the same time the offense jolts back onto the field. You can then see Joey do a sad crawl back to the sideline, head hung low and all.

So the scenes set now.

Anyway so delay of game happens then Joey Slye is freaking running back onto the field like his coach wants him anywhere near the ball. He didn’t want to kick a 55 yarder with you, why on Earth would he want you to attempt a 60 yarder.

The King of Very Impressive Misses, lacks Z E R O confidence I will give him that.

If are not a Panthers fan you probably missed these gems, but last season Matt Rhule was set up for so much failure, sent out to kick 65+ field goals a few times, if I remember correctly. He has already bounced around a few teams this season as well. Nevertheless, Joey still doesn’t give af.

Maybe it was the misses, the fact that his coach sent him out to even attempt a ridiculous field goal like that, was all the confidence boost he ever needed.

In any case, I’m sure he’s a great guy and I remember him sinking a couple game winners last year and overall not a bad kicker at all. But if you ever need a lesson in confidence look up Joey Slye.

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