Comedy and Music Show In L’Anse Sells Over 75 Tickets And Was A Smash Hit For Everyone Who Attended

Written by TrevStone

I might be a little biased but the first event that us here at Pro Sports Extra had thrown in L’Anse, Michigan surely went well at The Extra Event Center. We sold over 75 tickets for the first event and I’ll be honest – I thought something would end up going wrong but in reality everything went very smooth.

We were able to have a jam packed night of action that ranged from country music, hip hop, and comedy!

Country singers Dylan Wolff and Morgan Swink traveled all the way from Nashville to perform and comedians Karla Watkins and famous comedian Uncle Lazer performed while being on tour. Opening acts Anthony Lindsey, Ka$h Money Karl, PainMadeYoungin’, 906Hammy and Rooster Huff blew the crowd away one person at a time.

“Some people questioned how we’d have so many people and different variety perform in one night. And people were questioning how we’d fit that many people into our area. Well guess what! We made it happen! And the future is very bright! One show at a time, it’ll all get better and better! Who knows what the future holds.” – Trevor Uren

Here is a quick video recap:

Pictures from this event were shot my Troy Jolgren! You can view the album by clicking here.

People are already buying tickets for the next event which is on January 12th. You can click here to view the event schedule for January 12th and buy tickets. This event will be headlined by comedian Darius Bennett who you can find on Netflix!

Otherwise head over to for more!

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