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Colt McCoy Had Trouble Holding His Kicker’s Balls On Christmas…..

Written by Kellen Sherman

I mean…..what are we doing here, Colt?

Ladies and Gentlemen; last night, we saw the Indianapolis Colts take on the Arizona Cardinals, in a “Christmas Day Matchup” that had ALOT of playoff implications. Both the Colts and the Cardinals are currently in TIGHT RACES for playoff berths in their respective conferences, which means that there was little room for error for both teams. Each team had to be PRECISE with their motions, and they couldn’t let any miscues impact the game in ANY WAY.

Well……that was until a few “miscues” by the Cardinals special teams ended up impacting the game. That was until a few “miscues” by their special teams, ended up leaving four points off the board for the Cardinals. Those miscues…….they can be described in two words;


I mean SERIOUSLY; I feel like the phrase “laces out” would be a universal term by now. I feel like the phrase “laces out” is something that’s been floating around the football world ever since the little old lady above uttered it in the movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (and even before that). Not only that, I just feel like the process of “being a holder” should be an easy/fluid motion.

Catch the snap, place the ball, spin it, and BOOT IT! THAT’S IT!

But hey, you know what? I’m willing to mark this down as a “shit happens” kind of moment. Even though those four points could have changed the complexity of this game; these two plays were just two more examples of how BAD this stretch has been for the Arizona Cardinals. The team that was once so DOMINANT to begin the year, is now currently on a three-game losing streak, and has lost four of their last six (including one to the Detroit Lions).

So to Colt McCoy, I would say……don’t beat yourself up “too much.” But when P Andy Lee (the normal holder) comes back, I would make sure to buy him something special. I would make sure to buy him something special, like a steak dinner, as a THANK YOU for you NEVER HAVING TO DO THAT AGAIN! Because……YIKES!

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