Collin Morikawa Walks Right In Front Of Justin Thomas As He Is About To Shoot

Written by Jonathan Garner

As Justin Thomas lines up his tee shot on the short par 4 10th hole with a top 5 spot on the leaderboard, Collin Morikawa goes brain dead and walks right in front of him as he is about to shoot. Both of them are in contention to win this tournament so some will say that this was Collins strategy to get in his head down the final stretch, I personally think that is totally not true and complete nonsense considering the fact that these two PGA stars get along on and off the golf; so this mistake by Collin will not go down as anything more than just a joke. Although, any golfer will know that it is totally against golfers etiquette to disrupt a golfer as he is about to shoot, especially if it is on the biggest stage of them all.

Collin shows clear embarrassment and apologizes. He clearly is unaware of where he is on the golf course which he should definitely know better. Good thing for him, J.T. is one of the most likeable and nicest golfers on tour. I am sure the two of them laughed it off afterwards.

Following that whole exchange, Morikawa was on his way to his next shot where he happened to hole on out from the fairway. Some say he was just too anxious to get to his shot.

It wasn’t the only time he holed out either, he proceeded to also make this amazing shot go down earlier on in the round.

Neither of them ended up winning the tournament, so this shot will now go down as a funny moment between the two.

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