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College Football:Top 25

Written by Boomer

College Football season is a long ways away, but nothing is more exciting than getting worked up for the start of the new season.  Per usual big named schools will be overrated like they usually are so here comes the Boomer top 25 that I hope to keep updating each week throughout the year.

25. Nebraska Cornhuskers- Scott Frost took the UCF Knights to an undefeated season last year and a self-proclaimed National Championship.  Frost is now hoping to rebuild a Nebraska team that since the 90’s has been lacking any kind of dominance in any conference.  Looking forward to seeing how his style of play can hold up in the Big Ten this year.  He has a lot of competition in the recruiting department in the Big Ten, but I have a feeling he will hold his own.

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24. Iowa State Cyclones- The Cyclones finally made it to a bowl game after a long layoff can Campbell keep things rolling into his third year?  Campbell lead them to some huge wins last year and a couple other games they should have won if it wasn’t for refereeing and Akrum Wadley.  This season they will get their starting QB and RB back and could make some noise in the Big 12.

23. Boise State- Having Rypien back this season is a huge advantage in the Mountain West.  They play Oklahoma State early in the year and with them losing their QB and WR could be a chance to take advantage.  Boise usually has a high octane offense and can be fun to watch look out for this non-power 5 to make some noise.

22. Florida State- Losing Jimbo might not be as big of a blow as it initially felt, getting Taggart from Oregon could end up being a better fit for Florida State then Jimbo ever was.  FSU has had lots of drama and storylines over the past five years and this year is no different.  Starting QB Francois is under investigation for drug trafficking and could hurt him on being eligible for the start of the year.  If eligible FSU has a chance to make some noise this year with Taggart’s system.

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21. UCLA- I know this one is a little bit crazy to call considering how bad they have been the past two years.  Change in coaching is the factor here Chip Kelly can turn any program around with his style of play.  I believe he can get UCLA up and running in no time and making them a contender in the weak PAC-12 right away.

20. Stanford- Bryce Love is back and won’t be stopped by any defenses in the PAC-12.  If they can get any kind of decent QB play this year they have a good chance of winning the North again and making a run to the playoffs.

19. Virginia Tech- With a cake schedule this season there is a chance for Tech to make some noise.  Have lots of depth at WR and TE question is can they get that offense to consistently make plays.  Having lost two big defensive players in this years draft its time for some young players to step up.

18. Michigan State- Returning L.J. Scott is huge for the program moving forward this year.  Needing to get some consistent QB play this year.  They also have to make it through the gauntlet that is the Big Ten East division don’t have a shot at making the championship in my opinion but should be a solid team.

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17. Penn State- Losing Barkley will hurt this upcoming season and possibly this even might be too high of a ranking.  McSorley won’t be able to carry the workload alone he might be talked about as having some Heisman hype but I don’t see him as that skilled of a player.  Franklin is a great recruiter so there could be some unforeseen talent that carries them this year.

16. LSU- Defense has always been great at LSU and offense has always been lackluster.  Losing Guice might not be that big of a hit LSU can always run the ball its whether they can ever find a QB to make some plays for them.  I don’t know how a team full of talent can never develop a single QB.  This year they will need to open up the offense a little bit if they want to win the big games and for Ed to keep his job.

15. Mississippi State- SEC hasn’t been great the past couple of years even though the playoff committee will lead you to believe otherwise.  Fitzgerald returning is big for the stability of the program since Mullens left for Florida.  Fitz has a chance to have a breakout year and hopefully carry MSU on his back to a decent year.

14. West Virginia- Mountaineers have been riddled with injuries the past couple years especially at the QB position.  Last year Grier went down and really put a damper on their decent season.  Grier will be back this year and better then ever W.V. really has a shot to go on a run in 2018 and disrupt everything in the Big 12.

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13. TCU- Having a first time QB stepping into the start duties sounds like it could be a setback, only TCU has a highly touted QB that is a dual threat.  Patterson is always a great coach who makes this team a constant threat to the Big 12 championship.  Will find out a lot with the early test against OSU.

12. Texas- I know this could be a little crazy and a tad high projection but Tom Herman is in his second season.  By now he should have his philosophy and culture built throughout the program.  Texas needs this more than any team and state.

11.  Washington- Jake Browning still the Huskies QB?  Doesn’t it seem like he’s been there forever?  Chris Petersen continues year in and year out to prove he is a great coach.  They open with Auburn which could be a very tough test and honestly a great game to watch.  A loss this early won’t really hurt their chances but could boost them far up the board as a favorite.

10. Missouri- Drew Lock returns and that high flying offense was hard to stop at the end of the year. Drew Lock is a first-round talent heading into next years draft and could really put up some big numbers in the passing game.  People are going to say this is too high of a ranking.  They have had a full offseason now with Lock and look to make some moves this year.

9. Miami- The U extended Richt this offseason and is looking to make some power moves this season.  Miami is returning a lot of starters and of course the turnover chain.  Richt never got the credit he deserved at Georgia but now has to the chance to take one of the most prominent programs to the playoffs.

8. Oklahoma- Kyler Murray has some big shoes to fill with the Heisman trophy winner leaving the program.  Reports are the spring game did not look well and need to get things in order before playing a tough FAU team right out of the gates.  Murray could be as electric as any player in college this year if so he can carry them to another Big 12 championship.

7. Wisconsin- A solid team every single year and I just don’t understand how they do it.  The Badgers defense might be the best in all of college football next year and as always can carry them to a Big Ten West title.  The question for them will be who out of the East will they be playing and can they get over the hump this year and into the playoffs.

6. Auburn- Jaret Stidham’s long career is finally coming to an end.  Starting off at Baylor and transferring into Auburn might have been his best decision ever.  Last year Auburn went on a run of a lifetime through Georgia and Bama, then came up short in the SEC championship game.  This year will be on the road against those teams and will need big games from Stidham to get them into the playoffs.

5. Michigan- Shea Patterson is finally eligible and ready to make a huge impact for the Wolverines this year.  This will be the fourth year under Harbaugh and he needs to get big wins against OSU and MSU.  He hasn’t had a QB on his team like he will this year with Patterson which could make an undefeated run all the way to the Ship.  Their defense is always tough now this season it can finally be the offense turn to carry them.

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4. Georgia- Big losses coming from Michel and Chubb could set this team back a little bit this upcoming season.  The bonus for them is Smart had one of the best recruiting classes this offseason.  Fromm will be in his sophomore season looking for redemption against Bama and to get a title that Georgia has been longing for.

3. Clemson- Returning Bryant and a killer defense could be all Clemson needs to make a run back to the championship for the third time in four years.  The ACC will be down this season with FSU having a transition in coaching the only team standing in their way will be Miami.

2. Alabama- Yeah Yeah I know this is a surprise to people not having Bama number one after how great they looked with Tua.  Bama reloads every year with talent so they never miss a beat, but this year I think OSU will have more talent and easier path to the playoffs.  Bama should roll through everyone in their schedule not named Auburn since they wouldn’t meet Georgia until SEC championship game.

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1. Ohio State- J.T. Barrett is finally gone so he cant hold OSU back any longer.  Haskins should have started last year and taken OSU to an undefeated season, but Myer was too loyal to shitty old Barrett.  OSU defense will be unreal this season as Nick Bosa is projected as the number one pick in next years NFL draft.  Haskins looked electric in his only playing time last year and looks promising to take OSU back to title contention.  This is my pick for the national champion.  As long as they retain Urban they have a great shot at winning it all this year.

A team I didn’t add to the top 25 but looks very promising is FAU led by Lane Kiffin.  FAU has Oklahoma right out of the gate and could set the tone for them the rest of the season.


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