College Football Top 25!!! Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Clemson locks for playoff!!! Who is number 4?

Written by JohnnyB

1. Ohio State: Looks unbeatable on both sides of the ball. Heisman front runner in Fields, playmakers at WR’a and an elite RB. Had their way with a good MSU defense. Watch out for the Buckeyes.

2. Georgia: Undefeated with the best win on the board. SEC starts to cannibalize this week.

3. LSU: Big tip 4 matchup this week, we will see who the real team is and who is the pretender.

4. Florida: Again, either the gators or the tigers will be in the top 3 after the big matchup in Baton Rogue this week.

5. Alabama: Maybe the road to the playoff isn’t as easy this year but the ride still look great.

6. Clemson: I don’t see them losing a regular season game. No one left on their schedule is any good, we won’t know how good Clemson is until first playoff game.

7. Wisconsin: Very balanced Badgers team, have a big win vs Michigan. Can they beat Ohio State? If so they are in the playoff.

8. Oklahoma: Undefeated, Hurts looks amazing vs very bad big 12 defenses. Can Riley’s offense lead them to an undefeated season?

9. Notre Dame: A lot has to happen to get the Irish back in the playoff picture. They will be the best team not in the playoff, maybe the best Irish team in 30 years.

10. Penn State: Undefeated. Now their schedule has been very very soft. The eye test says they are very very good, I just want to see it against a top 25 team.

11. Texas: Still have best loss of the year if that means anything. Also still have to beat Oklahoma if they want any real chance of moving up.

12. Auburn: They only have the one loss to Florida last week. I’m going to say it now though, they were exposed. Nix looked like a high school sophomore and their linebackers were stuck in the mud. Need to fix that or this is a 4 loss team.

13. Virginia: Loss to Notre Dame hurt. The Cavaliers should run the table and have a chance in the ACC to pull a huge upset over Clemson. Would that be enough to make the playoff? I don’t know but interesting to discuss.

14. Oregon: Might have very outside chance of making playoff if they win out and teams lose but they are the PAC 12’s only very small hope.

15. Michigan: Maybe the Wolverines aren’t dead after beating Iowa. Their offense is very very bad but the defense looked great. If they can fix the QB problems maybe they can make a little noise.

16. SMU: Undefeated with a decent resume if they win out they are a guarantee for a New Years bowl.

17. Boise State: Should won the rest of their games. Very easy schedule, could make New Years bowl if teams slip up.

18. Wake Forrest: Do I think they will be ranked in two weeks probably not. Right now they haven’t lost and are in the power 5 so here we are.

19. Utah: Good team, Not great. Could shake things up in the PAC 12 and even win it.

20. Iowa: They did what Iowa always does. They become highly ranked for a week the play a real team and can’t score and look like they don’t belong.

21. Baylor: Undefeated in a power 5 conference. I will bet my house they will lose 3 games in the BiG 12 but for now lets rank em.

22. Memphis: Haven’t lost a game yet with a win over an SEC team. They’ll have to go through SMU to be in a New Years Bowl.

23. Arizona State: Beat a Big 10 team in the road. I think the cannibalism of the PAC 12 gets to them a few times though.

24. Missouri: Well yes one bad loss to Wyoming. Kelley Bryant got hurt last week but team is saying it’s not that bad. Maybe they shock the SEC east I doubt it but hey that’s why you play the games.

25. Minnesota: They might be the worst 5-0 team ever. Or they could just be a battled tested team getting better each week. I love PJ Fleck and want to believe but I just can’t quite get there, hope I’m wrong.


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