College Football is Dead and Boring

Written by Matt

I mean seriously, can we stop the charade. College football is dead. If your alma mater isn’t Georgia, Alabama, Ohio State, or Clemson (besides this year), you have not shot. You barely even have a chance of making the playoff as an Oklahoma or Notre Dame, but neither of these schools has shown any progress toward being a real contender.

I get it if you go to the games – you love the environments, you love tailgating, you love the bands, you love the attraction of it all – I get it. But I am talking about the quality of college football as a TV product. As a vast generalization, it’s bad.

Take today for example. ESPN’s big College Gameday production: LIVE FROM COLOMBUS. A matchup between two 9-1 teams, #4 vs #7, not even halftime yet, and the game is already a route. 42-0 with 7 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. THE. SECOND. QUARTER.

The game of the week couldn’t even keep eyes on the screen for 30 minutes of game time. Pitiful.

The #7 team is getting treated like an FCS school.

Obviously, this one recent example makes highlighting the downfalls of college football low hanging fruit. But this seems to be the case every week, especially, this time of year. The true bluebloods win the games they need to to make the CFP. Your school never had a chance and never will – even with the expansion we will see the same names coming up as national champions.

Feel free to send show examples of why college football is still worth watching, and I’ll show you why that game never really mattered.

Saturday is fun to get drunk with old frat buddies and shooting the shit of the past, just like true college truthers do. Pretending their school or their story matters at all. In any case, I do enjoy having the “big games” on as background noise while I do chores around the house.

Catch y’all on Sundays.

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