College Blog: What happens when I have to piss in online class?

Written by Noah Gagnon

On the surface level, it may seem like there’s an easy solution to this query, but I assure you, there is not. Let me lay out the situation, here. In a few of my classes, having your camera on in zoom is a requirement, and the professors are complete nazi’s about it. I shit you not, if you turn off your camera for a damn millisecond, you’re getting called out by name in front of the entire class, and if it stays off for an extended period of time, you’re at risk for losing attendance credit for that day.


So, when you’re holding in a fat urination like I was today, your options are pretty limited. The way I see it, you could:

A) Suffer in pain trying to hold it in fearing your gonna piss yourself

B) Turn your camera off, get called out, and potentially lose points

C) Just get up with the camera on, just leaving an empty screen, having everyone wonder why one kid just walked away from the entire class.

And no, interrupting the class to ask to be excused is NOT an option, because nobody does that, and if you do you’ll forever known as the piss boy who can’t hold it in for 20 minutes.

While we’re on the topic of my college, enjoy that play again. I digress. Now, which option did I choose? I went with A, just chose to hold it in, and luckily I didn’t piss my pants, and I was able to absolutely let it rip after class. But seriously, I don’t think they thought this through when making kids turn there cameras on. Like, I was honestly a few minutes away from just whipping out peen beneath the camera and hoping I can aim it into a water bottle or something. It was so bad, I was seriously considering taking the risk of the entire class seeing my genitalia, just so I could make a peepee during class.

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