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[email protected] Continues To Hate On @BakerMayfield Wearing His Hat Backwards. Names Multiple QB’s Who He Thinks Wears Them Forward But Has Actually Worn Them Backwards Too

Written by SpaceGhostChedd

Well another day of Colin Cowherd saying dumb clickbait shit for headlines. I usually don’t care about anything these morning shows say, whether its him, First Take or Skip & Shannon, but this schtick he’s still on about quarterbacks who wear their hat backwards is honestly hilarious. He hated on Baker Mayfield again this morning for doing just that:

Colin the Coward goes on to name how Aaron Rodgers, Big Ben, Jared Goff, & Drew Brees never wear their hat backwards, but it seem’s like he and his production team need to a little more research:

It’s necessary to mention how Baker and the Coward have beef after Colin bashed him a few years ago for ‘not being a team player’ because of his touchdown celebrations, and Baker roasted him live on his own show. So Colin the Coward probably still resents him and will never like him:

As a dude who likes to wear their hat backwards a lot, I’m 1000% on Baker’s side and am now rooting harder for anyone who wears a lid that way.

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