Colin Cowherd’s NFL Rankings are Awful

Written by Noah Gagnon

I hate to be the guy getting mad at a list, but I’m gonna get mad at a list. Let me just say though, do I really care about Colin Cowherd’s NFL power rankings? No. But hey, why not talk a little trash. Who knows, maybe he reads it and then asks his daughter to date me. Anything is possible. Look at this list.

Broncos at 9

Uncle Colin threw Denver in this list. Are you kidding me? No disrespect to Teddy Bridgewater, guy’s a solid quarterback and has a tremendous dong, but cmon. This team has no business being in the top ten. They beat the Giants. Anyone can beat the Giants. They blow. If beating an atrocious Giants team qualifies you as a top ten team in the league, then I guess you can squeeze 31 teams into the top ten, because that shitbag team is beating NOBODY.

No Dallas Cowboys

WHERE ARE THEY, COLIN? I swear, this dweeb is such a Cowboy hater for literally no reason. Well, I guess he has a reason. His seething hatred and resentment towards Skip Bayless probably manifests itself into Cowboy hate when Colin’s on the air. Since he can’t call Skip an Oklahoma-cousin-banging-dunce on the radio, he just talks about Ezekiel Elliot’s ineffectiveness. Nonetheless, just throw the boys on there, they played well. Certainly better than DENVER.

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