Colin Cowherd Thinks Bill Belichick is Coaching the Super Bowl on Sunday

Uhhhh, Uncle Colin, are you high? Today Colin Cowherd went on the Fox Sports airwaves and spoke for over a minute about how Bill Belichick would be preparing for the Super Bowl on Sunday. This wasn’t just a slip though, Colin legit went into Bill’s coaching tendencies, and how it would effect the game this Sunday. Take a look.

I was skeptical of this video at first, but it’s as real is it gets. Look at this one posted by the Herd’s official twitter account.

This really makes you think, does Cowherd even watch sports? And how did none of his producers correct him the second ‘Belichick’ came out of his mouth? Is he just mentally drained after a long night of S&M with the Mrs? Maybe Joy Taylor slipped crystal meth in his coffee or something, but someone should really check in on the guy to make sure he hasn’t been kidnapped or date raped.

*Insert Colin Cowherd voice* You know, sports talk radio hosts are like fraternity brothers. You have the responsible guy. Doesn’t drink, doesn’t party, gets all his school work done, gets good grades, has the internships, a bright future. You know, your Mike Greenberg’s your Michael Kay’s. Sophisticated, professional, rarely make mistakes. Then you’ve got your pledges. New on the scene, working hard, going the extra mile, just trying to impress everyone. That’s your Mike Golic, Jr. maybe some Evan Roberts. Annnndddd theeennnnn you have the 5th year senior. Drinking all the time, smoking all the time, always high, never sober, doesn’t work hard, terrible grades … thinks Bill Belichick is coaching the Super Bowl on Sunday. That’s me. The fifth year Senior, the fucking asshole. Its the herd.

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