Colin Cowherd May Have Just Tweeted The Funniest Thing Ever In the History of Twitter

Written by schultzyca

Colin Cowherd is a character for sure you either love him or hate him. Personally I do not take him seriously ever so all of his takes for me are hilarious.

Cowherd may have unintentionally tweeted the funniest thing in the history of Twitter and I think it should be framed and put somewhere.

I want to know who the heck is this source that is telling Colin this information. What is it over/under that it was Lincoln Riley? This seriously sounds like something Donald Trump would say, “Some are calling it the greatest practice ever on a college campus”. What the hell does that even mean? How great could that practice have been?

I don’t care what anyone says Cowherd is a national treasure, who has a very attractive daughter.

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