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Colin Cowherd Gushes Over Trey Lance; Liv Retweets Dad’s Video! @liv_cowherd

Written by Chris Powers

As Colin Cowherd predicated, Trey Lance was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the third overall pick. There has been speculation for quite some time that Lance has been dating Colin’s daughter Liv Cowherd. Shortly after Lance’s signing, Colin uploaded a video to Twitter full of smiles and adulation for Lance getting picked up by the 49ers. If I didn’t know any better, Colin Cowherd may have a “man crush” on Trey Lance.

Shortly after Colin posted the video to Twitter, his daughter Liv retweeted the video for all of her followers to see, furthering speculation that Trey and Liv are in a relationship.

Fore more information on the alleged relationship, check out the article below on ProSportsExtra.

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