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Colin Cowherd Gives Out Stupidest Take on Detroit Lions’ New New Era Hats

Written by Nate

It may be old news for Lions fans, but this also has to be addressed too.

Just a few days removed since ‘The Herd’ cohost Joy Taylor took a dig at the Lions team for their head coach, Dan Campbell, wearing a racing helmet to a press conference, the other cohost also took a dig too—this time at their new hats.

In the video below, Cowherd went off on a recent episode earlier this week and rips them having a big L covered their team logo.

Yeah, only one problem here, Colin. Those hats were not made by the team themselves. They were designed by the NFL and New Era.

Just like what they did to Joy Taylor on her comments towards Campbell last week, Lions Twitter was letting Colin have it on his take.

It is a belief that those hats were designed the same way as the other hats shown in other pics that were on New Era’s website.

All of those hats were designed and issued for all 32 teams and it features the first letter from each team on it. As in another tweet by user Ricky, hats issued for the Philadelphia Eagles, Jacksonville Jaguars, Dallas Cowboys, and Carolina Panthers.

It seems like this is just another chapter into the Lions fans’ feud against the talking heads over at ‘The Herd w/Colin Cowherd.’

And just like Joy Taylor when she ripped on Campbell for basically nothing, maybe Colin himself should’ve done some research himself before spewing hot takes and going along with the ‘Lions are generational losers’ tag line and narrative.

It is true that Lions have been lovable losers and have won anything in their history since the 1950s, but there’s no reason to drag them further than they really are now.

Detroit fans need all the positivity and hopes that they can get nowadays, especially when all the sports teams are in bottom tiers of sports franchise to date, and having this narrative isn’t helping anything.

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