The 2022 UFC schedule is off to an absolute heater. The promotion just locked up Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal to fight each other at UFC 272 on March 5 in Vegas, and this is a complete barn-burner of a fight. It’s gonna be the headliner of the pay-per-view, and I wouldn’t be shocked if this thing does a million buys.

This fight is freaking dynamite. The press conferences are gonna be awesome, the social media banter is gonna be awesome, the weigh-ins are gonna be awesome, and then the fight itself? Gonna be a complete warzone inside of a cage.

In case you didn’t know, the backstory between these two is literally something out of a movie. They were best friends. Literally to the point where they nicknamed their collective fight careers, “the easy money tour.” They cornered each other, trained together, maybe even shared a kiss or two, who knows? But then, as Colby created the modern-day Colby character, the two began to separate and take shots at each other in the media, all leading up to a completely hostile rivalry that’s gonna play itself out on March 5. Seriously, the promos the UFC is gonna whip up for this fight are gonna be something out of a Marvel movie.

And in the cage, the matchup is as intriguing as the back story. Classic striker vs grappler. Masvidal’s gonna try to knock Colby’s head back to Florida, and Colby’s gonna shoot 100 takedowns per round. They both push a lighting pace and are extremely animated in the cage, so best believe there’s gonna be some top-tier jawing in this one. Dana should consider getting some sort of audio in the cage because there’s gonna be some horrific things said over the course of this fight.

I AM SO JACKED FOR THIS FIGHT!!! A part of me is mad that the UFC announced it this far in advance, because now I’m just gonna be watching the clock for like eight weeks waiting for March 5. I had to take a break from writing this to shadow-box like 5 times. Thanks Dana, my entire mental capacity is going to be taken up by the thought of this fight until it eventually happens. I now eat, sleep, and breathe UFC 272. Just Bleed.


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