Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal Just Scrapped at a Steakhouse

Written by Noah Gagnon

Full transparency, I honestly thought that the whole Jorge/Colby beef was unbelievably exaggerated and staged. I stand so extremely corrected. All reports are that the two got into it in a Miami steakhouse and the police had to be called. Jorge basically confirmed it all in this video.


Yeah this is kind of a messy situation, but I really think it’s awesome. These two are ABOUT IT. It wasn’t some facade to sell pay-per-views and make money, they really hate each other. Do you think Colby shot for a takedown in the steakhouse? If he did we all know damn well Jorge didn’t defend it.

Honestly, Masvidal is just awesome man. This guy’s in love with fighting. He started street fighting as a broke kid, and now he’s a rich superstar but he’s still doing it. He three pieced Leon Edwards, he’s knocking out strangers in nightclubs, and now he’s ruining Colby Covington’s steak dinners. Complete savage.

How scared do you think the wait staff of this restaurant was when they realized that these two were in the same room together? If I were them I’m either calling my shift early or hoping I get hit with a shard of glass or something so I can pick up a massive settlement. Either way, someone better have gotten a video of this.

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