Congrats to Cody and Brandi Rhodes on the birth of their first baby, a girl. The news was announced by the proud papa on Instagram Friday morning. While it was known that the newborn would be a female, the name was kept secret…until now.

Liberty Iris Runnels.

I love it. Cody made sure to mention that ‘mother and daughter are doing wonderful.’ Absolutely amazing news for the first time parents. While some fans have criticized the two in recent months for publicizing the pregnancy so much during All Elite Wrestling Dynamite, none of that should matter now. There aren’t many other pure joyous moments on the planet than the birth of a child. If they were extra proud and excited and wanted to show it off to the world, so be it.

I have a bunch of siblings, a bunch of younger cousins, and two god daughters, so it is always an exciting time to be there for the occasion or involved in any small way. I’m sure there will be a cool celebration or shout out during Dynamite tonight on TNT. Over the top or not, if I was a first time parent, I would shout it from the rooftops on worldwide television as well. Good for them. All the best going forward.

In other Cody news, he recently replied to a fan that seemed to doubt All Elite Wrestling could fill a major venue in New York City when they tour there in a few months. Twitter user @MichaelBalletta said ‘good luck getting that many people in attendance.’ Cody shot back with a sly ‘I’ve been told this before.’

Of course, that is a reference to the infamous “start” or “genesis” of AEW as a company when Cody and crew were dared to try and fill 10,000 fans into a building for a wrestling show. It seemed like such a pipe dream. Such a long shot that anybody outside of WWE could do such a thing, especially at the independent level. Well, with the help of tons of wrestlers, Ring of Honor, and everybody else pitching in, they did it in Chicago – filled a 10,000 seat venue…and the wheels starting turning. One rich investor and a whole ton of brainstorming later, All Elite Wrestling was born.

Personally speaking, I remember thinking that the guys COULD indeed fill a 10,000 seat venue. I didn’t know if they would be all ‘sold tickets’ or comps or whatever, but that building would have over 10,000 fans in there. I thought they could do it, and they did. Now years later with TNT backing and tons of more resources and one fat check book involved, yeah, I think AEW will do just fine running New York City. Don’t worry about that. Do NOT doubt Cody again.

He has a new baby to take care of now and is set to bring AEW to New York City this Fall. Congrats all around!


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