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Coaches Drop The Gloves In Benches Clearing Brawl

Written by Jari Sague

Hockey fights are typically reserved for the pros, but not last night. Michigan Tech and Arizona State (yes Arizona has hockey) played a chippy game which Tech ended up winning 5-3, but none of the highlights were as great as this one after the final horn sounded:

The two teams combined for 24 penalties, totaling 59 minutes, a lot of which came from the fight. A couple good shoves from the coaches, and some nice shots by a few of the players made for a nice end to a Husky win.

Here’s another view, with some of the story as to how it started:


Now, some people may say that the coaches aren’t setting a good example for the kids, but I disagree. It’s good to see that a coach is going to stand up to people who call him or his players bush league. It’s just like a basketball coach chewing out a ref and getting a technical, in the sense that he’s going out there to send a message to his team, and to the other team in this case, that he won’t just sit there and take it. The only difference is that hockey is a tough sport, so instead of whining to the refs, Coach Shawhan dropped the gloves alongside his players instead.

Bold strategy coach, and ASU: Just Go Home.

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