Before the start of the first day on campus, Jackson State University head coach Deion Sanders spoke to his players about the standard of conduct and the style of dress he expects from them. Here is what he said:

“School, we got school today, right? So, I want you to listen to me clearly and succinctly. No slides (sandals). No slides. No armpits exposed. No wifebeaters (tank-top shirts). Sit in the front of the classroom and be the perfect gentleman because when it comes down to it, and you need help, that professor is going to recall your character and who you’ve been consistently in that class.”

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Coach Sanders also reminded his players to shower prior to class and to stay on their best behavior in the classroom:

“Now, make sure you shower before you go to class. I don’t want to get a report that you was in some bull-junk in our apparel, representing us. Kids in the back of class making noise, he’s free-styling to the whole class while I was trying to teach it with a Jackson State football shirt on.”

The former NFL All-Pro The former warned of the consequences if any of his players broke his rules:

“Not going to happen. When it gets back to me, it’s going to get back to your (position) coaches first, and then it’s going to get back to me. When it gets back to me, it’s going to be a problem.”

Deion Sanders was hired by the program as head coach in September 2020, going undefeated in conference play at 8-0 in his first season. Jackson State won the SWAC (Southwestern Athletic Conference) for the first time in nearly a decade. Overall, he had an 11-2 record in 2021. He is turning the Jackson State football program around.

Entering this season, Jackson State is ranked 17th in the FCS (Football Championship Subdivision) coaches’ poll as they look to capitalize on last year’s success. Coach Sanders expects his team to play up to the standards set both on and off the field.

Deion Sanders is molding these young men. He told them that he wants Professionals in life, not just Professional football players. Sanders said that class etiquette is key, and to always strive to give and be your best.

Here is a video of Sanders talking to his players about their bathroom habits.

photo courtsey of Sportskeeda


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