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CNN Labels the State of Michigan as Missouri in Map Graphic

Well, let’s add this one to the ‘mislabeling Upper Peninsula/Michigan’ section.

As mentioned by Joann Pennock on a Yooper Facebook page and on social media, news network CNN, made a noticeable error on one of their map/news graphics just recently.

In what appears to be a map showing the United States Coronavirus (COVID-19) positive testing of some sort, and their map labeled the state of Michigan, as Missouri. The picture captioned as ‘Missouri got so fed up with Covid-19 they just up and moved….’

It does look like an honest misprint, but it has happened for us Yoopers and Michiganders quite a few times now, it’s gotten ridiculous.

Just last year alone, the Upper Peninsula, let alone the state of Michigan, was left off maps in many circumstances.

A couple instances occurred when Mountain Dew issued an apology for leaving off the U.P. and made a new bottle for the region itself, and one new graphic put the U.P. as part of Canada, and America’s Got Talent left off the region entirely on their map.

Hopefully for the rest of the year, it won’t end being a repeated trend.

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