CMLL results of their 87th Anniversary Show from Mexico City, Mexico 🇲🇽 at Arena Mexico on 9/25/20 live on TicketMaster Live pay-per-view:

CMLL Micro-Estrellas Chamuel beat Microman by submission in 13:14.

CMLL World Welterweight Champion Titan pinned Soberano Jr in 25:24.

Reina Isis won the Mexican National Women’s Title from La Metalica in 17:19.

Mexican National Trios Champions Sanson, Forastero, and El Cuatrero beat Virus, Raziel, and Cancerbero when Sanson pinned Virus in 17:07.

CMLL World Women’s Champion Marcela beat Dalys by Disqualification. It was a strange finish as Dalys actually won by having Marcela in a Scorpion Death Lock submission but she wouldn’t let up on Marcela after the referee’s five count and he then decided to rule the match a DQ in 14:45. I’m not sure if it will be counted as a title change for Dalys in the record books.

NWA World Historic Welterweight Volador Jr. pinned Templario in 19:35.

CMLL World Tag Team Champions Caristico and Místico beat Rey Cometa and Espiritu Negro by submission with a double La Mistica in 13:22.