CM Punk leaving WWE was the best thing that ever happened to professional wrestling. He has been gone for many years, and now he has the opportunity become “All Elite” if he signs with AEW. But is he really “All Elite?” Many people seem to think so. But in my opinion, he is as overrated as they come.

Is CM Punk a charismatic personality? Of course. But he is certainly not “elite” in terms of one of being one of the best wrestlers in the world. Not even in his prime was he close to being that.

He left the wrestling world back in January of 2014 at the Royal Rumble after being upset with the last few years of his run with the company. Despite being handed the world title and having one of the longest runs with it and defeating nearly all of the top workers in the company, he still cried and whined that it wasn’t good enough.

Simply put, CM Punk acted like an entitled little bitch.

Sure, he didn’t main event WrestleMania or some of the other pay per views. But he still had the top prize around his waist for over a year and was very well protected during that time. But after all of his whining and crying, I was personally glad to see him leave the company.

According to Fightful Select, Punk is in talks to return to professional wrestling.

But will that return be with the WWE? Sources seem to think that Punk is most likely to make his return under the AEW banner, and not the WWE. With that said, it is very possible that Punk let it leak he was negotiating with AEW so he could get a strong offer from the WWE.

The bottom line is this. The wrestling industry could use an injection from somebody like CM Punk. Nostalgia acts always pop the crowds and the ratings even if temporarily. You saw what happened last week when John Cena returned to RAW. It was one of the highest rated RAW’s from a ratings standpoint all year long. CM Punk returning, whether it be to WWE or AEW is good business. He has enough of a fanbase out there to warrant a big payday, and it will definitely spike the numbers.

But from a personal standpoint, I can only hope that Phil Brooks has stopped being such a crybaby bitch and appreciates what he has been given on his next run more than he did in his previous run with WWE.

If he were smart and needed a payday, he’d use AEW to leverage an offer with WWE. We’ll see what happens in the coming weeks.


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