Clown Of The Week @Fourscoob Taunts Miami Hurricanes Right Before His Loser Team Blows The Game Like Complete Turkeys

Written by SpaceGhostChedd

Last week it was the Louisville kicker, this week it was Jalen Hoston. After scoring his second touchdown of the day to put VT up 21-13 in the 3rd quarter, he flashed up The U while celebrating. It’s hilarious when opposing players try to taunt us. Every time somebody plays us it’s their Super Bowl and feel the need to do everything to disrespect us. The funny thing is that it comes off as the ultimate sign of flattery.After the joker did his fun celebration, Miami came back to win the game 25-24.

VT is a clown program and wants to be Miami so bad. Their coach ‘Justin’ Fuente is a complete joke, his players hate him, and the program will never be the same without Beamer and Bud Foster. THE Miami Hurricanes are 7-1, a top 10 program, and I couldn’t give less of a fuck about the haters. The turkey jokers from Virginia will just have to keep looking forward to playing us every year because they’ll never be relevant again.

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