Clint Frazier is Glad To Not Be A Yankee Anymore @clintfrazier

Written by schultzyca

Clint Frazier, Yankees top prospect from 2017-20 was a wasted asset and a great example of why you shouldn’t ‘prospect hug’.

The Frazier experiment never truly worked, Yankee fans were told he had ‘legendary bat’ speed and that he was suppose to be the second coming of Mickey Mantle.

That of course did not happen, Clint was stunted by Brett Gardner for three years and then in 2021 Frazier was given his opportunity then he hit .220 when they gave him the starting left field job.

I don’t agree with Yankee fans saying that they did not give ‘Clint a chance’ he struggled with staying healthy and had a lack of production when he actually was happy.

I still see a lot of potential in Frazier and think he can be a very good ballplayer. He just needs to stay healthy and I think the Cubs got a good one. I really wish him the best

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