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Cleveland Cavaliers To Try And Trade Andre Drummond Before Deadline

Written by Jeffrey Iafrate

Andre Drummond was traded to Cleveland last year from Detroit for a second round pick and now it’s not looking good for the former all-star center. Drummond is on an expiring 28 million dollar player option and the Cavs have no plans with him in their future. The team has already came out and said they’re “preparing” for Jarrett Allen to be the franchises future center. Drummond was pulled from Sunday’s starting lineup due to “rest” but sources told the Athletic his attitude and play has something to do with it.

For as talented as a rebounder he is, something doesn’t seem right if it’s not working out with the second team in a row. If he is bought out, the Brooklyn Nets and Dallas Mavericks have shown interest in signing the big man.

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