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Cincinnati Signs New Quarterback; More QB Drama in Philly?

Written by Chris Powers

Now that the NFL Draft is over, we are beginning to get a clearer picture as to what most franchises plan to do in the quarterback position. This year more than ever, there has been more quarterback controversy in the offseason than normal. Earlier today it was announced that the Cincinnati Bengals had drafted another quarterback, likely to backup starting QB Joe Burrow.

Former University of South Carolina quarterback Collin Hill was signed as an undrafted free agent earlier today. Hill, throughout his collegiate career suffered 3 ACL tears and had a long road to getting signed to a team in the NFL.

“I definitely wish we were more successful and I learned a lot,” Hill said of the 2020 season. “I was grateful for the opportunity. It was a weird year with COVID but I was glad to come home and play my last year here.”

“I have a different perspective. I don’t take things for granted,” Hill said. “I have to sit back and watch with all the injuries at times. When you do have the opportunity to get out and play, it is still so much fun. That is obviously still why I am still doing it and kept coming back. I definitely went through a lot, but it is worth it and I love the game.”

In other quarterback news in the NFC, the Philadelphia Eagles have signed an undrafted free agent to the position of quarterback. Jamie Newman out of Wake Forest and then later Georgia was signed earlier today. Newman transferred to Georgia and opted out of last season due to COVID-19. The Eagles have a unique situation on there hands with Jalen Hurts as the presumed starter, but they also have veteran quarterback Joe Flacco waiting for the call up to be the starter. Their QB3 option is Khalil Tate, fresh off of a failed transition to the wide receiver position. So where does Jamie Newman fit in? It appears as if the undrafted free agent will be vying for the number 2 spot with Joe Flacco. Newman once had tremendous upside, but sitting out the 2020 season did not do him any favors. The question is, with a solid year of game play off, does Newman still have the potential he once had leaving Wake Forest for Georgia?

Check out the video below to learn more about Jamie Newman and what he was able to accomplish in his unique college career.

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