Christian Wood Called Shaq A ‘Casual’ In His Postgame Interview This is A Hall Of Fame Moment

Christian Wood is bucket, if he doesn’t win Most Improved Player after this season the NBA is fixed. Wood has been coming into his own the last few season and he is quickly becoming a star.

I have no idea why the Pistons did not do anything in their power to retain him that won’t make sense to me. The Rockets will be better off without that fat slop James Harden and they are in a better position now and the most underrated move of the offseason was the Rockets signing him.

Christian Wood had another great performance scoring 27 points 15 rebounds 3 blocks and 5/7 from three point range. This guy is a bucket and he is a problem.

Shaq apparently before tonight had no idea who Christian Wood was proving once more he is just like his coworker Sir Charles Barkley. I would seriously like to see Shaq play ‘Who He Play For’ because I would put money on the fact that he is just as bad as Barkley.

Shaq only knows every center in the league because he likes to remind everyone that he was better than them and should of made more money than all of them. This was a great moment though from Christian he will continue to show everyone who he is and will lead this Houston team to the playoffs this season. Mark my words. That man is a problem.
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