Chris Wilson Continues To Skyrocket Including His Workout Program That Might Interest You!

Written by TrevStone

At some point over the last two year I can almost guarantee you that Chris Wilson popped up on your TikTok For You Page and now?

He has his own workout program that has been very successful so far and you can join his community.

What is included in the program?


✔️ For women & men of ALL fitness levels

✔️ Exclusive community group

✔️ Daily workouts

✔️ Sets, reps, exercises, form tips, & more

✔️ & More


✔️ 6 Days Training / Week + 1 active rest day

✔️ Overall Body – Strength Focussed

✔️ Standard Gym Equipment Required

Needless to say the program he created can be used by anyone and it’s been very useful to many people.

He doesn’t make as many TikTok videos as he did before but he has over 1.7M followers. And he continues to grow on other social media platforms.


Tanning bed did me dirty 😅

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He also makes exclusive content for those who might be interested in that.

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