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Chris Paul Snitched And Steven Adams Is Now In The NFL MVP Discussion

Written by Nik D

The final plays in regulation of the Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game last night was pretty terrific.

First, during a free throw and substitution, banana boat friend Chris Paul pointed out to the officials that Jordan Bell’s jersey was not fully tucked in when he entered the court:

This gave the Thunder a technical foul free throw, which they converted. The T’Wolves made their shot as well and then this happened:

Currently the NFL MVP race is between Russell Wilson, Lamar Jackson, and now Steven Adams after that pass.

That bucket sent the game into overtime and the Thunder ended up winning by 12.

This just goes to show that the NBA is basically run by LeBron James and if you ride his banana boat with him you can do whatever you want. Chris Paul has cemented himself as the Aaron Rodgers of the NBA; a great passer that knows if you whine enough to the refs, they will do what ever you want.

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