Chris Jericho To The WWE Confirmed!

Chris Jericho has officially put his career on the line against MJF at All Out.

Must be playing his return to WWE right? Nope. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jericho did in fact lose but he could easily move into a commentary role without a problem. I literally could not see a world where Chris makes a return to the WWE unless Vince brings out the Brinks truck.

While it would be funny if Chris made his return to the WWE after CM Punk just made his wrestling return to AEW. It would be a wild world. I would not put it past Jericho to make a return to the WWE, just seems like something he is crazy enough to do.

Across sports entertainment, Jericho is easily a Top-5 wrestler in the industry. If he came to the WWE he would be top 2 alongside Roman Reigns. We will see what the future holds after All Out, I just don’t see too many retirement matches without someone retiring.

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