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Chris Benoit Shockingly Shows Up on Monday Night RAW.

Former WWE Superstar Chris Benoit showed up on the August 24 edition of RAW. No, WWE Hall of Famer Papa Shango didn’t resurrect the long-dead grappler. Instead, Benoit’s appearance came courtesy of a virtual fan posting a picture of the long-dead grappler. In addition, someone apparently posted a video from a Ku Klux Klan meeting (or a wildly inappropriate costume party) once again proving what happens when fans and/or pranksters hijack an event.

In case you haven’t heard, the WWE introduced a new venue for its TV and pay-per-view programs known as the Thunderdome. Located at Orlando, Florida’s Amway Center, the venue features an elaborate set along with virtual fans who log in from home and participate in the action as if they’re there. As you might expect, there’s always that asshole who feels the need to show how funny they are. In all fairness, some of the hijacks have been funny such as a fan posting a picture of Pokemon’s Pikachu and another posting a “Fire Velveteen Dream” message.

An unconfirmed story has it that someone posted a video of a person getting their throat cut (rumor has it that it may have been an ISIS video), an example of how quickly the virtual fan concept seems to be deteriorating.

The problem may not even be with wrestling fans as there’s no way of knowing (at least not now) whether the individuals who posted the Benoit and KKK images were fans or someone who just wanted to stir the pot. Whatever the case, the WWE needs to figure things out quickly or they may have an embarrassing situation on their hands. How long before Julia Rose gets in on the action? In that case, count us in and as WWE Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross says, “Business is about to pick up”

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