Chipotle Launched Smoked Brisket And The Verdict Is In: Trash Or Delicious?

Fast-casual chain, Chipotle, launched its smoked brisket and Twitter exploded with reviews. Its smoked brisket has only been on the menu for a couple of days, but the overwhelming opinion is that it’s complete and utter gas.

Chipotle tested the market last November at 64 locations in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Sacramento, California and has been the most requested item since. Chipotle listened to its customers and delivered its smoked brisket to all locations.

“Chargrilled and seasoned with jalapeños and chili peppers, the brisket is heavy on flavor but also versatile, easily paired with Chipotle’s burritos, quesadillas, tacos, and bowls,” according to Eat This, Not That.

Twitter has spoken – You’ll find thousands of these positive review tweets:

A few food critics had negative opinions of the newly launched protein with words such as, “charred and a touch too dry” or “different” or “the brisket gets lost in the burrito.” In all honesty, who cares what food critics have to say. A regular normal every day customer is not looking for the same criteria as a food critic. They’re looking for flavor, price, and convenience.

“This isn’t your standard brisket experience…We’ve created a differentiated Smoked Brisket recipe that is authentic to our menu and pairs flawlessly with our real ingredients,” said Chipotle’s chief marketing officer Chris Brandt.

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