Chipotle Is Screwing Over Americans!

These have been tough times for everyone in America. From the corporations, middle class families, and protein seeking gym bros. Gas is outrageous, supply chains are down and creatine is hard to find. So in the midst of inflation and price hikes, gasoline companies are charging high prices to increase profits unjustly and Chipotle is creating crazy profit margins on their double steak for entrees.

After some minimal research, I have discovered that a pound of flank steak is around $9.50 depending on which part of the country you live in. Chipotle is a major company so I can only imagine their supplier charges them at a major discount for the large quantities they order, or they farm their steak themselves which they would only do if it was cheaper for them in the long run. 

On a casual work day I logged onto the Chipotle app looking for lunch. Only to discover that my usual order, which is: white rice, double steak, and pico. That’s it. It came out to a sum of $22. I thought maybe I had accidentally added chips or a side, but no. The double steal was $6.75. $6.75 for an extra scoop, a scoop, one singular scoop, of steak that they never end up giving you. Now I know that Chipotle is providing a service for making the food, but to charge me around 75% of what a pound of steak costs retail, is criminal. Like gas, people like me are paying these prices out of necessity. 

Chipotle is getting away with hiking prices of steak at an extreme level. They are stealing money from Americans. The fact that they don’t even ever give you the second scoop of steak constitutes fraud in my book. I pay for a good that a company pretends to provide. 

I need YOU, and your support in backing me to make a difference and get steak prices at Chipotle back to a steady and economical level again. These prices are ridiculous and disrespectful to consumers who work hard for their money. Join me in rebelling against Chipotle until they fix this problem. After all, you, me, and all of us set the market. Us, the consumers create the need, we can fix this together and again, make Chipotle great again.

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