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Chinese man runs marathon while smoking cigarettes

Written by Tony Ghaul

Marathon runners are regarded as some of the most health-conscious athletes on the planet – but not a Chinese runner known as ‘Uncle Chen’, who has gone viral for chain-smoking cigarettes while he competes.

Uncle Chen is a chain-smoking marathon runner. Photo courtsey of Weibo

Chen, aged 50, recently completed the Xin’anjiang Marathon in Jiande, China while smoking throughout the 42-kilometre endurance event.

Uncle Chen. Photo courtsey of Weibo

The Chinese sensation has a history of smoking while running, according to Canadian Running Magazine, which reported that he ran both the 2018 Guangzhou Marathon and the 2019 Xiamen Marathon while lighting up.

Chen also apparently became known as ‘Smoking Brother’ in running circles after a 2017 event in Hangzhou city.

Uncle Chen. Photo courtsey of

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